Early Signs
of Labor

Signs of Impending Labor

In the days before the delivery begins, you will begin to experience some new sensations or increased number of existing and are given by the simple effect of gravity as the baby wants to come down to take his place in the birth canal. The most common signs and symptoms that warn that birth can be triggered at any time are:

  • Pressure on the pubis
  • Pain in the lumbar
  • Stitches or empty feeling deep in the vaginal area
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • brown vaginal discharge or slightly bloody
  • bloody show
  • Rupture of the amniotic sac

The rupture of the amniotic sac can also occur a few days before delivery starts. Feel like a warm liquid running down your genitals, as if you have urinated.

The most important thing to start delivery is the presence of rhythmic contractions with enough intensity to perceive them. Rhythmic contractions are told as there is a rest period after the contract after which you will see a new inexorably. There is no birth without rhythmic contractions that do not stop even to rest, shower, take an analgesic or diagnostic technique you learned in the course of psycho. There are two types of contractions, one of them are known as “fake” and there are also the real contractions. “Fake” contractions are irregular and occur after some kind of effort, besides they do not last too long, while “real” contractions are more painful and regular.

Labor contractions are stronger and they do not disappear when the person rests, they last more each time (between thirty and seventy seconds) and they are perceived as cramps in the lower part of the back or as menstrual pain. The uterus, which is a muscle, should be contracted in regular intervals and must do it until the cervix reaches a dilation of ten centimeters so the head of the baby can pass through it.

In addition, there are other signs such as the loss of the mucous tampon, some women can lose it even weeks before labor, while other lose it just a few hours before delivery. The mucous tampon is formed by vaginal secretions which have accumulated on the cervix during pregnancy. When the cervix is dilated the tampon is released, it is thick with a transparent color which sometimes can be a little bit pink or with traces of blood.

The dilation of the cervix must allow the pass of the baby through the delivery channel which is the cervix; it should be dilated to ten centimeters which is recognized as a full dilation. However it is possible for the dilation to begin days before the delivery time, especially if the woman has had other pregnancies before. The modification of the cervix is one of the signals that indicate the delivery is closer; the consistence of the cervix becomes smoother.

There are also emotional signs which indicate the labor is closer, for instance inexperienced mothers suffer certain emotional instability as the labor date comes closer. The anxiety for seeing the face of the baby and the tiredness are very normal in these cases.


Signs of Premature Labor