Signs of Premature Labor

38 weeks pregnant signs of labor

Between weeks 38 and 42 of gestation, most pregnant women give birth, because it is the time when it is considered that pregnancy to full term, but you can never know exactly what day will be born. It implies that during the last four weeks, pregnant women should be observant to every symptom that could indicate that the labor has begun and therefore they must be ready to go to the doctor immediately. It constitutes a very exhausting period of time which involves anxiety, physical malaise and doubts, for that reason the mother should count with enough information related to labor in order to prevent unfounded fears.

The due date is only an estimate, and is calculated with a pregnancy of 40 weeks that started at the start date of the last menstruation. Labor can begin before that date, after, or even the same day.

Before the due date, a few days before, surely start to experience some changes and new sensations, as the baby is descending to take his place in the birth canal. Some of these symptoms can be:

  • Pressure in the pubis
  • Pain in the lumbar
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • bloody show
  • Rupture of bag
  • Regular contractions

These symptoms do not have to appear all together. Some pregnant women lose their mucous plug at the time of delivery or triggered several days earlier. The same occurs with rupture of the bag. When breaking the bag will feel hot liquid runs down the inside of the thighs.

It is not known which causes trigger the labor signs; however it is believed that hormones play an important role, endocrine and hormonal changes that come from the baby and the mother. Sometimes the uterus also intervenes like for instance in the case of a multiple pregnancy when the volume is too much and the uterus begins the contractions in order to speed up the time for delivery.

But the surest sign that labor is near, is the appearance of regular contractions with certain intensity. These contractions do not go away even though pregnant woman tries to rest, take some pain medicine, shower or any other movement made earlier in order to calm them.

If the mother has been already for one hour or one and a half hours with the contractions and if they continue at the same pace or have been accelerated, it's time to call the doctor, because the birth process has begun. This process of birth and even childbirth usually lasts between 7 and 13 hours, so you can take your time to realize that something new and different is happening with your body.

These contractions are annoying, long lasting (they last between 30 and 70 seconds) and with a frequency of about 2 or 3 every 10 minutes. With the passage of time are closer to each other and do not stop. The intensity of these contractions is rising and does so constantly in the back usually begin and end at the front.


40 weeks pregnant signs of labor